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What Intergalactic Afikoman is Looking for in a Manuscript: Part 1

We have put out the call that we are actively seeking submissions, and it has been so very wonderful to receive our first submissions. (If you were one of the first to submit, thank you! And we look forward to getting back to you soon!)

But as soon as we put out the word that we were seeking submissions, we began to receive questions. What exactly are we looking for in a manuscript? many writers wanted to know.

Well, we are hoping you have already read our mission statement and this page about submissions. But we know that many writers who are considering writing for us want more details. So we are going to do a series of posts about what we're looking for in a manuscript.

For this first post, we really want to focus on how very much we are looking for fun and funny manuscripts. We are greatly attracted to humor and are definitely looking for it in many of the books we will publish.

If the word "wacky" could apply to your Jewish manuscript, please send it to us. While that is not a guarantee that we will publish it (unfortunately, because we are so small, we are going to have to turn down a lot of amazing manuscripts), it is a definite guarantee that we are going to want to take a look!

We want to publish books that kids will love to read, and humor is a huge part in that. And, while not all our manuscripts will have to be funny (they may have some other intergalactic traits), we fully hope and expect that many of them will.

So, I'll end with a quote from Singing in the Rain:

"Make 'em laugh!"


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