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Why "Intergalactic"?

So, we get it! Our new Jewish children's book publisher has a rather unusual name.

When people hear it said aloud for the first time, they look puzzled and intrigued. Then we add our tag line, "Out-of-this-world Jewish books for today's Jewish kids" and they smile. They get it! And we hope you do too!

So why "intergalactic"?

Well, first of all, on a very basic level, because we love outer space. Our first picture book is actually going to take place in space. (More info coming soon!)

But then we realized that for us the word "Intergalactic" means so much more than that. We truly do aim to publish Jewish children's books that are out-of-this-world! Picture books and chapter books that are as good as the best books out there.

It is a lofty goal. But, as one of our favorite phrases goes, "Aim for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll be among the stars."

And that's what those of us who create books for children have to do. Aim for the moon! With every single book!

(Of course, in our case, it's an afikoman moon made of matzah! Thanks so much to Logoglo

for our amazing new logo!)

Looking forward to sharing more exciting updates soon!


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