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“Jewish Kids’ Books Pick Up Steam”
~Publishers Weekly

Brianna Caplan Sayres launched Intergalactic Afikoman in February with the Passover tale Asteroid Goldberg: Passover in Outer Space, followed by Such a Library—a spoof on an old Yiddish folk tale featuring a librarian named Miss Understood. 

"An Interview with Jill Nadler Author of Such a Library!"
~JLife Magazine

The wit and wisdom of Jewish folktales have been enjoyed for centuries. And the message of gratitude woven into Jill Nadler’s re-imagined folktale, Such a Library!, couldn’t be more timely during this pandemic. 

“New Publisher Set to Launch”
~Jewish Independent

A new Jewish children’s publisher is set to launch in Seattle. The brainchild of children’s author and educator Brianna Caplan Sayres, Intergalactic Afikoman will officially release its first book on Feb. 11.

"Sending Jewish Children's Lit to Space"
~Jewish In Seattle Magazine

I want a book that kids love, books that draw children in and make them crack up. The best picture books write words that truly are open, words that beg for pictures.

"Nieces enjoy new kids books"
~Jewish Independent

I review a lot of books for the Jewish Independent. Over the years, that has included many children’s books. I do my best in these instances but, as much as I like to let my inner child run free occasionally and as much as I’d one day like to create a children’s book or two, I’m a grown-up.

Header image by Siona Benjamin

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