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What Intergalactic Afikoman is Looking for in a Manuscript: Part 2

First, this is the second in our series of posts about what Intergalactic Afikoman, our new Jewish children's book publisher, is looking for in a manuscript.

If you have not read Part One yet, you can find it here.

As writers and readers have been asking us about the type of books we are going to publish, we have been thinking seriously about the types of books and stories that we are drawn to.

And the more we think about it, we realize that we are very drawn to stories with magic and fantasy. Stories that don't feel constrained by the rules of the regular day-to-day world we live in, but help us to explore and travel beyond it.

There is no one way these stories do this. Sometimes there is just a hint of magic and sometimes the story is a full-blown fantasy.

(And, of course, we want to make certain to emphasize, not all our books will be fantasy. We are certain that we will publish some books that are entirely realistic fiction or nonfiction.)

But, since we can't yet tell you to look at the books we've published, to get an idea of what we're interested in-- we'd like you to know.

If you write Jewish picture books, chapter books or middle grade that could be classified as fantasy or science fiction or has a touch of magic in it, please send it our way.

We would love to take a peek!


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