What we're looking for...

First of all, we are going to be a very small publishing house, starting with just two books a year. So we are going to have to turn away a lot of good books!


But if you have a picture book, a chapter book or a middle grade novel that you believe really meets the needs of today's Jewish kids, then we ask you:


Is your book fun and different? Funny and wacky? Intriguing and mysterious? Or perhaps it helps the reader travel to a fantastic new world?


Does your book give today's young Jewish readers what they really want to read? Does it strive for fun and enjoyment over learning and education?


And, most of all, will it grab their attention in the same wonderfully intense way that the books they read outside the Jewish world do? 


If you have a book like that, then we would like to see it. And perhaps, just perhaps, we can bring your book into the world together....

Please click on the underlined link below for our:

detailed submission guidelines

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