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Teachers & Librarians

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Author Visits

Would you like an author visit for your school, library, synagogue or JCC?

Intergalactic Afikoman's authors & illustrators put on out-of-this-world presentations to share their books and their writing (or drawing) process with kids and adults of all ages.

Please reach out to visits at intergalactic afikoman.com to inquire about scheduling one of our interstellar authors or illustrators for a visit!
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Jill Ross Nadler, the fabulous author of Such a Library!, dressed up as Miss Understood, the magical librarian with a chicken in her hair. Please contact us today if you are interested in scheduling an author visit with Jill or one of our other out-of-this-world authors or illustrators!

Teacher´s Guides

We invite you to use Intergalactic Afikoman's out-of-this-world books in the classroom with your students!
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Asteroid Goldberg: 
Passover In Outer Space


Such a Library!
A Yiddish Folktale Re-Imagined

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Bubbe and Bart's
Matzoh Ball Mayhem


I Am Hava
A Song's Story of
Love, Hope & Joy

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Magical Offer for Teachers & Librarians

Please write to us at Educators at IntergalacticAfikoman.com and make sure to let us know what school or library you work at and what grade(s) you work with. We will reply by letting you know about an out-of-this-world offer for teachers and librarians.

Header image by Esther van den Berg

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