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She's a Mensch!:
Jewish Women who Rocked the World

Written by Rachelle Burk and Alana Barouch
Illustrated by Arielle Trenk
Meet a Judo champion, a chess grandmaster, a spacewalking astronaut, a World War II spy, and more...

What do all these people have in common?

They are all inspiring Jewish women--

Mensches who rocked the world!
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"...this beautifully illustrated new picture book is a bold celebration of Jewish women's role in history. Highly recommended for ages 5 and up." - Mighty Girl 

In this Passover picture book parody of Frankenstein, Vee, Victor Frankenstein's great, great, great Jewish non-binary grand descendant, wants to win the school science fair and become the world's greatest scientist.

When Vee's experiment succeeds, zany chaos ensues, and Vee is left to wrestle with some Frankenstein-size ethical dilemmas. Watch Vee take center stage in this exciting science fiction Passover adventure!

A graphic picture book told entirely through comic bubbles, Frankenstein's Matzah invites young readers to join in the joy of Passover (and science!) by conducting their own Super Seder Science experiments.

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