D.I.J. - Do It Jewish

Use Your Jewish


by Barbara Bietz
illustrated by Daria Grinevich

hardcover • ages 8+ • juvenile nonfiction •104 pages • 7" by 10"

$24.95 US • ISBN 978-1951365042

A perfect Hanukah present or Afikoman gift!

With chapters ranging from Jewish filmmaking to Jewish cartooning, learn from an incredible array of Jewish creativity experts!

It's like a Jewish creativity mentor in a book!

Jewish Filmmaking 

Rachel Harrison Gordon - Broken Bird

Nora Claire Miller, Peter Miller & Amy Linton - Egg Cream

Jewish Songwriting

Eliana Light

Sarah Aroeste

Creating Judaica

Harriete Estel Berman

Laura Cowan

Jewish Cartooning & Graphic Novels

Terri Libenson -  Becoming Brianna


Erez Zadok & Jeffrey B. "Gorf" Gorfinkel -  Passover Haggadah Graphic Novel

Jewish Painting & Art

Siona Benjamin

Hillel Smith

Jewish Cooking

Jeffrey Yoskowitz - The Gefilte Manifesto & co-founder of The Gefilteria

Alanna Chandler - Tzevayim

Making Midrash

Rabbi Sandy Eisenberg Sasso - Noah's Wife: The Story Of Naamah

JoAnne Tucker, Kezia Gleckman Hayman & Rabbi Susan Freeman - Avodah Dance Ensemble

Do you know a creative Jewish kid? 
Would you like to help that kid foster and encourage their Jewish creativity?

Do It Jewish IT JEWISH: USE YOUR JEWISH CREATIVITY! helps your creative child focus on whatever types of creativity appeal most to them. Does your child want to...

*direct a film?
*draw a cartoon?
*create a recipe?
*write their own Jewish song?
*paint Jewish art?
*create a graphic novel?
*write (or dance) a midrash?
*create Judaica?


All they need to do is turn to the right chapter and start receiving immediate guidance from two noted experts in their chosen field of Jewish creativity.They can learn how noted Jewish creativity experts:*expressed their creativity as a child
*got started in their chosen field
*integrate their Judaism and their creativity
*strive to make their creative work as good as can beEach chapter contains:*a list of tools to get started
*opportunities for possible projects
*encouraging first-hand advice 
*inspiring quotes
*beautiful illustrations