Showcase of

Jewish Creativity

We are so excited about our newest book, DIJ - DO IT JEWISH: USE YOtUR JEWISH CREATIVITY by Barbara Bietz & illustrated by Daria Grinevich. This wonderfully unique book encourages you to use your Jewish creativity.

And we would like to give you a special place to share your wonderful Jewish creativity. So if you have created a Jewish cartoon, recipe, film, painting, story, dance, ritual item or something else Jewishly creative, we invite you to share it with us, so that we can share it with our readers.


Parents of DIJ readers who would like to submit examples of their child's Jewish creativity to our "Showcase of Jewish Creativity" are welcome to submit the following information to: 

Creator's First Name

Creator's Age

Creator's State or Country

Parent / Guardian Email

Parent Guardian Permission for Publication

your wonderful example of Jewish creativity!

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